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Our history

Our Company was born in 2001 with the idea to create a small local restaurant  or “soda” that met the needs of the many clients looking for an economic option with fast Service. That is how Soda La Parada got its start that very same year and we began this adventure.  Shortly thereafter we were surprised to be one of the favorite spots for tourists travelling by public bus. In just a few years, our small “soda” began to have surprising results, so we decided to expand a little, to be able to serve more of those that visited our town. As time went on, we were able to observe an increase in tourism in general in the region, which prompted us to undertake a complete remodeling Project to generate more space and a more enjoyable dining experience for our guests. 



Today, after 13 years since the beginning of this dream, our company has a solid position among the restaurants of La Fortuna, thanks to our accessible prices, great customer service, high quality food, parking lot, and other services that have been added throughout the years.  

We are thankful, first to God, then to our staff, many friends, and countless customers that have made this dream a reality. 

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